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Yoga Class

community of camrose 


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Babies and Yoga

This free, referral-based program runs in 8-week intervals for moms who are at least 6 weeks postpartum and with babies under 1 year of age. The program typically takes place at a local recreation centre engaging women in different forms of exercise such as: strollercize, yoga, pilates and strength training. The program incorporates the five core components that help develop skills in positive coping, mindfulness, relationship building, healthy eating and building assets in their children. 

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MYM Moms
Family Challenge
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Chilren During Physical Education Lesson

CHILDREn & Youth

The program aims to allow youth to experience a variety of fun ways to move and be healthy in their own community. We partner with many local agencies to run the program to expose youth to fun activities they can continue in the future. Check the service listing for the location closest to you for dates, times, and contact information.

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MYM Kids
School Challenge

Older adults

This free, referral-based 8-week program is currently being piloted in Camrose. The program is targeted for older adults who may be experiencing mild mental health problems, or to help prevent and assist in the treatment of mental illness and/or addiction. The goal of MYM Older Adults is to provide fun and active opportunities for older adults to improve their mental and physical health through physical activity, healthy eating options, mindfulness practices and building positive coping skills to deal with daily stress. The program may help improve social connectedness and therefore decrease isolation and feelings of loneliness. Social connections are essential for health and well-being at all ages and are especially important for promoting health in later life. 

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spray painted games

MYM Older Adults
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Collicutt Centre Mirror Me

spray painted games

Camrose has spray painted these interactive games around the community. There is never a time that you do not see people hopping, skipping, jumping and having fun with these games. We have seen every age from childcare provides with little children, school aged children, teenagers, adults and older adults having fun and connecting through play! You will often see us spray painting with local youth to engage them in giving back to the community and having fun while being creative.

City of Camrose 

Creative Cities National Award


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