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about THE mym program & team

Move Your Mood is a research-based program developed by Alberta Health Services. The program promotes physical activity and healthy lifestyle practices to improve the mental and physical well-being of participants. The MYM program provides opportunities for participants to experience how to move their bodies, fuel their bodies, practice mindfulness, and build positive coping strategies. Evidence from the MYM research study indicates that positive changes in mental well-being occur after only 8 weeks of physical activity, but must be 8 weeks or longer in length to see significant changes. The goal is that participants have fun in the program, gain confidence and competence to be active and healthy for life.


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Eating a variety of foods and creating healthy food practices supports our mental and physical health. This part of the program is supported by AHS Registered Dietitians, highlighting different nutrition topics and ways to make a variety of meals and snacks. 


Moving your Body every day in your way, improves your mental and physical health. Being physically active can improve mental health by building positive self-esteem, improving quality of sleep, decreasing stress and symptoms of anxiety and depression. It can also help with brain development, creativity, learning, and concentration. Being active also improves physical health by improving balance, coordination, muscular strength, endurance and cardiovascular health. Overtime it will help decrease the development of chronic diseases and maintain a long-term quality of life. There are also many social health benefits including the ability to learn new skills and create positive connections with others through physical activity.  Being active has a lot of benefits! This part of the program is supported by AHS Health Promotion Facilitators and Certified Exercise Physiologists highlighting how physical activity enhances physical and mental health. The program highlights a variety of fun ways to move!  


The more developmental assets a child has, the more likely they are to grow up healthy, caring and responsible and less likely to engage risky behaviours. We focus on the 40 Developmental Assets that help kids grow up great. This part of the program is supported by an AHS Health Promotion Facilitator who is trained by the Search Institute highlighting ways caring adults can help build assets in children & youth and how youth can help build assets in their own lives. 

Build Assets

Learning how to practice mindfulness can help improve attention and focus, regulate emotions, and manage stress. This part of the program is supported by an AHS Health Promotion Facilitator and certified Mindfulness instructor highlighting ways participants can be calm, mindful and present with emotions.


Simple everyday practice can help promote positive mental health. This part of the program is drawn from evidence-based AHS Ways to Wellness and Simple Connections, Stronger Families which highlights new ideas to improve the sense of self and promote connectedness. 

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A positive affirmation is something good you say about yourself. It can be a good quality you have, something good you believe about yourself, or something good you've done. It can also be a quality you would like to have or something you would like to believe or do. Affirmations are like seeds planted in soil. When you intentionally care for them, they grow into a strong and healthy mindset. Check out some simple positive affirmations you can add to your day, created by our team. 

Our team


Move Your Mood Coordinator

Denise started with Alberta Health Services in 2008 as a Health Promotion Facilitator, bringing knowledge from her previous role as the Be Fit for Life Coordinator for seven years at Red Deer College. She began exploring the idea of a healthy lifestyle program for children and youth accessing Addiction & Mental Health in 2011, which led to a two-year research project with Red Deer Polytechnic and the development of the Move Your Mood (MYM) Program. The MYM program has been offered in the Red Deer Community in various ways since 2011 and has been developing and evolving ever since. The program has grown with the help of the Central Zone Addiction Prevention & Mental Health Promotion Alberta Health Services Team (AHS).  It is now offered in many other communities within Central Zone.

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Central Zone

Addiction Prevention & Mental Health Promotion Team

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Practice Mindfulness Lessons


Build Assets Lessons


IT & Program Design

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Expand Your Mind Lessons

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AHS Dietitian Team

Fuel Your Body Lessons

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